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We're ready for a proactive leader

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

It’s interesting. When I put up signs around the city, more and more big blue signs magically appear right behind me.

It’s a fun little game of follow the leader. And I take it as a compliment.

But I’m afraid this reactive approach is just not going to cut it for this election, Mr. Holder.

You’re doing a great job, putting your face around the city, but can I let you in on a little secret? (We already know what you look like.)

My team has been proactive. We’ve come into this race with:

  • A user-friendly website with downloadable materials

  • Multiple types of quality content highlighting my key areas of concern

  • A website that simplifies the method of voting by mail

  • Active social media channels

  • Scheduled events to engage young voters

As an entrepreneur, I know that being reactive does not lead to successs.

I’ll manage our riding the same way I’ve managed this campaign. Like a leader.

A vote for TIM JONES is a vote for PROACTIVE leadership.

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