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MY OPPONENT: The Community Investment Withholder. 

The Higgs government created a 2.4 million dollar Community Investment Fund, allowing MLAs to spend up to $50,000 in grant money on projects within their ridings. 

In 2019-2020, Holder spent $8,700 of that money on three projects, leaving $41,300 on the table. (You can read a CBC article about this, here.)

To me, this sends a blatant message that we, his constituents, weren’t worth the bother to find a way to use that remaining $41,300. 

Many people in our riding struggle to pay the bills. This gesture by our MLA is incredibly disrespectful. 

Holder has spent most of his adult life as a career politician, having been in office since the 1900s. Does he have any idea of the value of money? 

You’ve withheld $41,300 from our community, Mr. Holder. Or perhaps a more appropriate name would be Mr. Withholder?

What else have you been withholding from us? 

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