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Follow the leader (the election edition)

On August 17, Premier Higgs called a provincial election with a voting date of September 14.

During a pandemic.

This snap election gave his party's candidates an early advantage. Meanwhile, the rest of us had to hustle while figuring out how to navigate an election with public safety being a primary concern.

Luckily, I'm no stranger to hustling.

The PCs had their signs up around the city the morning after the election call.

Meanwhile, I'd quickly assembled a team to help me get my message in front of as many people as possible. Within a week, I had:

  • a website launched (two if you include

  • Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts in place

  • brochures in the mail

  • videos produced to outline my areas of focus

  • innovative solutions for connecting with citizens during a pandemic

  • events scheduled for youth in our riding

  • oh right, and we put up signs.

I took a proactive approach.

I've been running a positive campaign about why you should vote for me rather than why you should vote someone else out.

And we've been getting a lot of attention. 

The video I'm sharing with this post is another example of how my opponent is proving to be great at reacting as we continue to play this little game of follow the leader around the city.

Good job, Mr. Holder. And here's a tip for you:

Maybe you should consider adding React as another "Re" word in your tagline? 

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